What if you could redesign the NYC subway system?

Shown: Commute at New Work City, a co-working space in lower Manhattan.

Commute, currently for sale at PlaySomething, is manufactured in NY and uses ecologically harvested lumber from Pennsylvania.

See also: PSFK's write up on Commute.

Using handmade wooden dowels to depict train stations, users weave brightly colored ropes (subway lines) through the dowels and around the 5 wooden boroughs of New York to create their own unique subway map.

Shown: Commute in the Stanley Furniture showroom.

My first prototype of Commute featured curved lines below each hole so as to allow users to slip excess rope behind the piece. However, after play-testing at the ITP Spring show in 2011, I found people coiling excess rope around the pegs. Simple.

Shown: Commute prototype (originally named "See Something, Play Something") fresh off the CNC.

Commute's inherent flexibility was designed to encourage ideation and play around a system.

Shown: Commute at the 2011 ITP Spring Show.