Datacoasters are wooden toys that reappropriate the classic waiting room "Rollercoaster," a colorful, kinetic toy that has enraptured millions of youths waiting their turn at the doctor's office.

Shown: A young girl playing with a Datacoaster at the Fall 2012 ITP show.

Using graphs of open source data as my guide, I bent and painted metal wires so as to visualize trends in childhood obesity, the rise of electronics and (mis)conceptions of the age of the universe.

I made use of a laser cutter to etch informational typography on the wooden base and applied a coat of shellac to accentuate the grain of the wood.

What excites me most about this project is it's potential for customization. I'd love to develop an online platform where customers can import their own data (i.e. the growth of their children over time, income over time, price of groceries, etc.) so that I may create unique data toys for living rooms, play rooms or waiting rooms of their own.

Datacoaster was an attempt at designing an educational, attractive product that children and adults alike could enjoy.