In 2007 I moved into a storefront apartment (store in the front, apartment behind) on Myrtle Avenue in the southern part of Bushwick, Brooklyn. It was the ideal situation for a recent art school graduate in that it provided a live/work space that could facilitate various forms of making, sharing, and hosting.

Shown: CJ Reilly outside the gallery as he prepares for his opening in June 2009.

Drwr Gallery, as it was named in 2009, helped showcase the talent of young artists, actors, and musicians for nearly two years.

Shown: The end of a fun opening for Peter Beaugard and his many glowing sculptures.

Initial plans for the storefront centered around a "creative workshop for kids." Neighbors would often come for dinner to discuss lesson plans, arts-based workshops and other ways in which we could help the children spend less time in the laundromat with their mothers and more time making. With some extra sheetrock, I built a couple dividers in the shapes of mountains. The clouds were speakers with foamcore cut to size.

Upon recoginizing the amount of time, energy and money a "creative workshop for kids" required, we quickly nixed the idea, replaced the mountains and clouds with a plain old wall and set up shop as a gallery.

Shown: Wolfgang Ryan's impressive knack for putting many holes in our walls (kidding!)

We never put much effort into actually selling the work -- nor did we require those who showed in our space to donate a piece in return. Luckily for us, however, they almost always did.

Shown: The paintings of Graham Loper.

One of the most dynamic openings we held in our humble gallery/home was the recording of "Murder With Hart", the story of an amateur private investigator who just happened upon a murder outside of a Bushwick-based art gallery. Our very own Jemma Lorenat wrote and directed. More info on Drwr's website.

Shown: Testing various microphones before the opening with (from L to R) Derek Muro, Patrick Burford, Graham Loper, Roger Levy.

From time to time we would supplement the visual art in the storefront with mini shows in our living room.

Shown: Band Antenna

Those who were a part of Drwr still bemoan its demise. Repeated thefts (sadly, they never stole the art) and a feckless slumlord shuttered our door in 2010. The end?

Shown: Drwr business cards.