The Committee for Economic Development, a DC-based think tank, was looking to refresh their site in order to (a) appear relevant to younger generations and (b) provide said generations with the necessary tools to navigate CED's unique insight and vast archives. Sadly, they determined that their logo was not to be tinkered with. Made in collaboration with BYO Consulting.

Role: User Experience, Design

Pattern By Info

A personal experiment in the discovery and application process of data, the big idea here being that anyone can begin sifting through a laundry list of various, uncurated data sets, annotating and organizing based on patterns, visual and otherwise.

Role: User Experience, Design


A small site for a NYC-based running coach that was looking for a unique approach to keep his existing clients up to speed (pun?) on their daily workouts. Though the image shown was not the final design we went forward on, I really enjoyed making use of his twitter feed as the primary design element of the page.

Role: Info Architecture, User Experience, Design

ID Project

By 2009, the Interdependence Project, a buddhism-meets-activism center located in the Bowery, had amassed a large community both physically and digitally and were in need of a website that could facilitate everyone's needs. Using Drupal as our CMS, we implemented a framework which allowed users to maintain uniquely themed blogs, calendars, profiles, and rotating ads.

Role: Info Architecture, User Experience, Design


Chris Wong of Socrata contacted me to develop some visual ideas on how to best convey relationships amongst government officials. He submitted GovSee to the Knight Challenge in hopes to win a grant to "make sense of the myriad bureaus, agencies, departments, offices and people that make up your government." Though unlucky, I learned a lot from the process and am very much interested in continuing to help others visualize and understand the roles that public representatives play each day.

Role: Branding, User Experience, Design